Deep House Cleaning


Please note, extras not included!



What is included in house deep cleaning:

  • Kitchen – microwave, fridge (must be empty), cabinets in/out (must be empty), work top, hard surface tiles & grout cleaning using steaming specialized equipment, radiators, switches, sockets, lights, dust cleaning, interior window, skirting boards, doors and floor cleaning.
  • One bathroom cleaning with steaming machine.


What is included: cleaning sink, toilet, bath, shower cabin, tiles and grout, mirrors etc.

  • Bedrooms – presses in/out, dusting, hoovering, interior windows, furniture, bed frames, radiators, lights, switchers, sockets, mirrors, floor skirting boards and door cleaning.
  • Living room – full dusting and hoovering, furniture, fireplace, mirrors, switchers, sockets, lights, interior window, floor, skirting boards and door cleaning.
  • Hallway and stairs – full dusting and hoovering, banister, mirrors, switches, sockets, lights, radiators, floor, skirting boards and entrance door cleaning.


We use professional high-tech equipment in all our deep cleaning services.

Due to high steam temperatures our steaming machine gives us the opportunity to deep clean the dirt and disinfect  in hard to reach places such as corners, shower doors, taps etc. The steaming machine is outstanding for tiles & grout cleaning.

The carpet cleaning technique includes the following steps:

Initially, the process of vacuum cleaning removes dirt and dust. Depending on the type of impurities, a special carpet cleaning solution is applied to the surface. After absorbing the carpet cleaning solution, we clean manually with special cleaning brushes and professional carpet cleaning equipment. Specialised machines are indispensable for carpet cleaning. In the process of this work only human-friendly cleaning products and equipment from leading companies are used.